BRS on duty 2


The BRS system provides the protection of the boat from sinking and fire, only by replacing the corresponding nozzle on the fire extinguisher. It is the most convenient way to protect the boat from sinking. The use of the BRS system provides the protection of the boat and objects on board, as the boat remains on the surface even incase of water ingress. Because of a very simple use, the system can be handled by every crew member. No additional training is required. Reading the instruction for use is enough. The energy for filling buoyancy bags comes from the enclosed fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is independent of external factors(engine on the boat, batteries, generators, human factor, etc.) and thus works under all conditions.


The BRS system kit contains: a patented BRS nozzle, a CO2fire extinguisher (2 kg), and four buoyancy bags. The kit weighs 13 kg. The size of the transport carton is 54x32x27cm.The volume of one bag is 850 l, the total volume of the kit is3200 l. The capacity of one (2 kg) fire extinguisher suffices to fill six buoyancy bags. The weight of the displaced water (four bags) is 3400 kg, and 5100 kg with additional two bags. The average filling time of one bag is 30 secs, and the filling time of the whole kit is 3 min.


The system enables the control and immediate remediation in case of spillage of dangerous liquids such as motor fuels, engine oils, chemicals and others, what is not possible if the boat sinks.


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